Various Virtual Scavenger Hunt Themes to Try

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Virtual scavenger hunts are online games where participants race against the clock to locate goods or complete challenges. Participants must share it with the host on any internet platform because it is virtual. Here are five virtual treasure hunt topics to consider for your online gathering.

Holiday theme

Make a list of everything that has to do with the holidays. Show off your favorite Christmas present, for example. It is ideal for any festive virtual treasure hunt where you want to make your remote employees feel like they’re part of the party.


Items from your childhood or memories from your past can get included in this list. It might help you cherish your memories by bringing fantastic stories of nostalgia. This theme can assist virtual teams better while intensifying their experience.

Attractions in their hometown

It is a list of things to do in your area. Take a picture of your neighborhood or choose a flower from your garden, for example. Everything that allows your teammates to appreciate your surroundings.

Colour based

You can choose any color and construct a list of items that match that color for your hunt. Alternatively, you might choose any letter and have the participants scour their houses for anything that starts with that letter. Participants will feel as if they are solving a riddle.


Before time runs out, participants must complete as many as they can. By selecting the correct activities for your group, the topic may be a lot of fun. This subject in your digital treasure hunt can also aid in team bonding.