Home Units (DPT)

  • Install Yourself
  • Grid tied power production
  • Active sun tracking
  • Average production 2.15 kWh/day

The 470 watt Dual Panel Tracker (DPT) is a 2 panel tracking mount designed for simple installation on a pole or simple wooden post.

Two 235 watt panels are installed on a rotating pivot tube oriented with the earth's polar axis. An automotive actuator and microprocessor rotate the panel to track the sun and produce up to 30% more power per day.

The DPT ground mount unit is a convenient option for home use. The 6"x6" wood post is installed like a fence post and multiple units can be installed to meet nearly any power requirement. A local licensed electrician can easily install the wiring to produce a grid-tied home power system or a stand-alone independent power system.

The DPT system provides an easy way for homeowners to install a high performance home power system that is ground level with no roof mounting structures required.